Private Office Offering Medical And Surgical Abortion

Is the office confidential and private?
We are a private office and there are no protestors. Your records are completely confidential. No one can find out whether or not you were here unless you give us written permission to release this information. We do not release the information that you are a patient at our office without your written permission.

Will the medical abortion hurt?
We make every effort to insure that you will be as comfortable as possible during the abortion process by prescribing oral pain medication, usually Percocet. Most patients tell us that the procedure was quite tolerable.

How safe is the procedure?
Surgical and Medical Abortions are safe procedures. Complications are rare.

Will having a medical abortion make it more difficult to have children on the future?
There is no definitive evidence that having a medical abortion will impact your ability to have children in the future.

How much bleeding will I have after the abortion?
This varies for every woman. Some women bleed for several days, others for several weeks. Some women do not bleed at all. Most authorities agree that bleeding is considered normal for 4 weeks after a medical or surgical abortion, unless, it is very heavy.

When will I have my next period?
If you begin using a birth control pill soon after the medical abortion, you can expect a period on the 4th week. Without starting a birth control pill soon after the medical abortion, you should expect your period any time between 4-6 weeks after the abortion.

When can I resume normal activities?
Most women feel fine the day after the medical abortion, however some women tell of persistent cramping and bleeding. However in the vast majority of cases you can return to work or school the following day. Driving is not advisable for at least 24 hours after taking pain medication.

For Significant Others
If you have a friend or loved one is having a medical abortion there is a lot you can do a lot to assist in this process. It is very normal to experience sadness or emotional changes after an abortion. It is extremely helpful to remain non-judgmental and let your friend know that you accept her decision and that you are there to listen and offer any support she might need.

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